PANAMÁ, Poner “L” En Liderazgo

PANAMÁ, Poner “L” En Liderazgo, Ha sido muy interesante la diferencia y la similitud de mis experiencias en Estados Unidos entre Panamá, Honduras, Costa Rica, Salvador y Colombia al entrevistar gerentes, empleados, lideres ejecutivos y dueños de negocios.


Panama, Put “L” BACK INTO LEADERSHIP – I have interviewed and spoken to dozens of employees Managers, Leaders, Executives and Business owners from Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras and Columbia and the differences of the management styles have been very interesting. There is a huge gap between how Leadership handles their employees. One of the biggest issue I have seen, which will be the topic of this article, is how Leaders and management in Central America view their employees. This certainly does not apply to every company and person, but it applies to a high percentage of leaders. Many view their employees like they view economic classes, they are below them and this causes a major problem in the smooth operation of their business.

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